Special Education

We know that one size does not fit all instructional needs.

Adaptive Curriculum benefits the Inclusion, Resource/Pull Out and Self Contained Special Education models, targeting a varied degree of classrooms.

Activity Objects are presented in mixed modalities addressing all types of learning, allowing students to work in peer groups or in a mentor/mentee setting.

Adaptive Curriculum can be used wherever internet access is available, making it ideal as a resource lab device to reinforce classroom material. Activity Sheets and Assessments offer one:one teaching moments for additional review of core material.

AC's Activity Objects are based on the students own pace, each element of the Activity Object can be repeated as many time as needed.


Teachers can assign any math or science AO from grade 6 through high school depending on each student's learning needs, allowing them to truly differentiate instruction.

AC Math and AC Science can be presented on interactive whiteboards, used by small groups, and assigned to individual students.

Solution Components

The AC SPED Solution includes:

  • Full access for students and teacher to AC Math and AC Science for classroom and home use