Educators attest to the impact of Adaptive Curriculum on motivation and concept mastery, while students enjoy the graphics and exploration as they improve their understanding.


Science is easier to understand because the book doesn't explain like Adaptive Curriculum does.

7th Grade Student

It helps you understand because they don't just say it, you see it.

8th Grade Student

We had lots of fun with it, and learned at the same time.

7th Grade Student


I've seen our teachers grow. I've seen our students grow. Both have gained knowledge.

Marcy Ganillo, District Improvement Coordinator

Adaptive Curriculum reviews and reinforces concepts and helps students learn in different ways."

Dr. Rene Castenada, District Director of Assessment and Evaluation

Adaptive Curriculum provides hands-on, project-based experiences that empower students to learn critical concepts.

Cara Herkamp, Director of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction, Cave Creek Unified School District, AZ


The activities are extensions to reinforce the concepts and they require critical thinking. The majority of my students had a 'light-bulb' moment after completing the activities.

Sherri Anderson, 7th Grade Teacher, Bear Creek Middle School, GA

I have seen an improvement in student self-esteem, participation and engagement, assignment completion rate, and even OGT scores. [AC] … has given me new ideas and ways of introducing concepts. Thank you.

Roseanne Bauer, Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow

8th grade students absolutely love Adaptive Curriculum. It is so interactive, gives immediate results and is a wonderful diagnostic tool. Out of every program our school has purchased, without a doubt, Adaptive Curriculum is the best!

Larissa Cowey, Martin Middle School